Monday 21 December 2020

Rename SharePoint IIS WebSite URL

 Updating SharePoint Web Application url involves couple of steps.

1. Identify zone which old Webapplication URL is referring to this can be achieved using Powershell or

through Central Admin of SharePoint.

Below is PowerShell Script to get zone of Webapplication let us say i have webapplication which is referring to Custom zone which needs to be update with new url then

1.      We see that its mapped with Custom Zone, We need to update to 

      Set-SPAlternateURL -Identity -Url   -Zone "Custom"

2. Update IIS Settings ( Steps to be Performed in all Webfrontend (WebServer) Servers)

 1.     Loginto your webserver and   Go to IIS àEdit àBindings of Internal URL to Change and update HostName to

Refresh the AppPool you should be able to see the changes new domain changes

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